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 | Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:

Track 1. Computer Information Science 计算机信息科学

Big Data
Business Information Systems
Algorithm and Data Structure, Database Computing
Cloud Computing
Computational Intelligence and Complexity
Computational Science and Engineering
Computational Statistics
Database Management and Information Retrieval
Geographical Information Systems
Human–Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Information Systems and Applications
Intelligent Transportation System
Machine Translation
Security and Cryptology
Recommender systems
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Database Systems
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Distributed Systems

Track 2. Software development and design 软件开发与设计

Search-based software engineering
Program repair
Software testing
Program analysis
Programming languages
Mining software repositories
Software ecosystems
API design and evolution
Release engineering and DevOps
Software visualization
Human aspects of software engineering
Agile methods and software processes
Software economics
Crowd-based software engineering
Ethics in software engineering
Requirements Engineering
Modeling and Model-Driven Engineering
Software Architecture and Design
Software Security
Reliability and Safety

Track 3. Communication and Information Engineering 通信与信息工程

Communication Networks
Embedded / cyber-physical systems
Mobile applications
Communication Engineering
Communication Networks
Wireless Communications
Mobile Communications
Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks
Information & Communication
Coding Theory
Optical Communications
Internet Technologies
Communication Software
Sensor Networks
Mobility management
Multimedia & real-time communication
Network management
Network reliability and security
Network traffic characterization